Alpha Brewing Operations Launches Canning Lines at 0% interest, no credit check, all in-house financing. Banks won’t lend unless your credit is perfect, leasing companies need years of financials and charge your first born. Alpha is the buy here pay here of canning equipment.

No credit checks.

The pandemic has hit the beverage industry with a sledge hammer. Hit back with a Cannon! The next generation Beer Cannon II is here, is six feet long, patented, leads the industry and cranks out 100 cans a minute! The Beer Cannon is expandable from 25 to 50 to 100cpm with zero change in footprint. The patent protected Beer Cannon is compact, quiet, energy efficient, and delivers incredible dissolved oxygen outcomes. Our patented weigh scale automatically weighs every filled can eliminating low fills and optimizing fill levels for maximum profit. Enjoy the revamped, user friendly interface and put it right on your phone (option).

Package your beverages on your terms! Finance, or purchase a canning line from Alpha Brewing Operations. The Next Generation Beverage Cannon is here!

A Beer Cannon on your front line = profit on your bottom line.

For more information and to be contacted please email us at, or call J.T. Glenn at 402-467-1218