Grain Handling

Being located in the “Cornhusker State” has its advantages. We know our grains. We know batch efficiency and wort quality all starts at the seed and how you process it. Alpha Brewing Operations supplies a complete range of grain handling equipment built in America’s heartland.

Grist Mills

Meet Chewy. Alpha’s rugged line of 2 and 4 roller grist mills. Chewy will likely outlast us all, made from heavy gauge steel and powder coated for lasting protection. We check all the boxes such as dust tight, explosion-proof motor, large hopper, heat hardened rollers, safety grill, strong magnetic comb, easy gap adjustability and access for cleaning. Chewy is a beast.


Alpha supplies flex augers and chain disk auger systems to fit any pre-brew, or spent grain application.


Alpha manufactures custom stainless steel grain/grist hoppers of many shapes and sizes. Some for floor mounting, others for tank mounting, or hanging. We offer options such as grain level sight glasses, manways, cleanout hatches and more.

Grain Silos

Alpha is an authorized Meridian wholesaler. We have outfitted numerous silos in the U.S. and Canada. We support the process from design and sizing, to artwork, to concrete instructions, delivery and installation.

Grain Measuring

Alpha provides flow scales and motor control centers for precise grain measuring and batch control. Our systems can be set up to push start and walk away. From silos and hoppers to augers and grist mill the grain is moved and measured according to the system design.